You can help those forced to sleep rough this winter

For those suffering with homelessness, the prospects for living beyond their 40s are poor.

They become disconnected from mainstream society – their health suffers, their self-esteem plummets and their lives become dangerous. In the face of this, our outreach teams work hard to ensure that anyone forced to sleep rough has access life saving services. You can find out more by watching this video:

Our Outreach Team talk with the people they meet rough sleeping about the healthcare, benefits, and housing options available to them. This is the first step to help them towards accessing housing that meets their needs.

“It can be a challenge for someone who has been sleeping rough to navigate the housing system. However, we help them navigate the system and provide advocacy for the client, making sure they are involved and understand the process.” ~ Outreach Team Member

Over the years since we launched our first project in 1993 we’ve developed many services which have improved the lives of thousands of vulnerable individuals and families – providing opportunities that would not have otherwise been available.

However, we currently face a much greater demand for support than we can meet. We’re facing a chronic shortage of affordable move on accommodation; rising rents; more people ending up on the streets; crippling rises in the cost of life’s most basic commodities (for our clients and the charity) and a squeeze on benefits, when the beneficiaries need them most.

Right now we need your support more than ever.

Please donate today and help us to provide lifesaving support to the individuals and families that need our help this winter.


If you see a homeless person in your area and are wondering what you can do to help, please report the details via Streetlink. This will alert us and we can send an outreach worker to engage with them. You can also find some more useful information in this article.