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About Us

The Julian House vision

A just society where socially excluded people are supported and empowered to build sustainable, independent lives.

Read our 2014 Impact Report

A year of planned strategic growth means that we now support more people than ever before, at a time when there is increasing demand for our services.

All this positive progress was achieved against a backdrop of economic recession and increasing pressure on Julian House services.

We have provided better services, for less income and continue to seek ways of achieving our goals efficiently and effectively.

Read all the details in this report:

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Offering direct support to the socially excluded

At its foundation Julian House was set up to offer direct support to some of the most marginalised people in society – the homeless. Initially this was limited to offering food and shelter. Over time other projects and services have been developed which not only address the symptoms of homelessness but also the underlying reasons why men and women are forced onto the streets. Indeed, projects such as the Meaningful Occupation Programmes and our social enterprises are targeted at preventing people becoming homeless by engaging them in meaningful activities, training and preparation for employment.

Julian House operates more than 20 different projects, accommodation sites and social enterprises in Bath, Bristol and Wiltshire. These include: a range of homeless services, support for those suffering domestic violence, addiction recovery, individuals with learning difficulties, work experience and training. Not just changing lives – often saving lives. The charity also helps to coordinate a rough sleeper reporting helpline in B&NES, Wiltshire, Swindon, Somerset and North Somerset. This allows members of the public to alert local services about anyone they see in a vulnerable situation outside.  The work is often challenging and the staff and volunteers work under considerable pressure with many positive outcomes achieved.

Julian House Video

This video will hopefully provide some insight into the work that Julian House do and the people that use our services.

Looking to partner and support smaller organisations

Julian House recognises the very challenging climate that we are all working in and that the voluntary sector has to work harder than ever to sustain itself and, indeed, thrive.

Julian House welcomes dialogue around how we can work with other organisations, both formally and informally, to strengthen the sector and sustain high quality services to clients.

Contact our Operations Director, John Isserlis: or 01225 354650

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