Scott’s recovery from homelessness and addiction

There are many issues which can lead someone to become homeless, including childhood trauma and addiction. Addressing these complex issues, even at the best of times, is tough.

Growing up in an abusive household can be a risk factor for homelessness and addiction. As children, the people we seek to support may not have had parental guidance, or a role model that was able to provide a safe environment for them. Sometimes, no one teaches them the right coping skills, or nurtures or supported.

Here at Julian House, we aim to empower and encourage the people who seek our support. We want to help and guide them on their journey back into independent living. The results speak for themselves with our long track record of achieving amazing outcomes for those struggling with homelessness and addiction who seek our support.

This is Scott’s story. Having grown up within an abusive household, Scott later developed an addiction to heroin and alcohol.

I didn’t really realise that I was an addict then, I just thought I’d a problem with heroin, so the drink kept going and I was also taking other pharmaceutical drugs and cocaine.

Many of our outreach teams work alongside dedicated addiction recovery specialists to help people through their own addiction battles and onwards to a life that enables their fullest potential to be reached.

Scott was homeless in Bath for four years before coming into our Manvers Street hostel:

I went through a drug and alcohol programme and apart from one small relapse on drink, I’ve been clean for nearly eight months now. Staying in Julian House’s supported accommodation is just amazing.

You can hear more of Scott’s Story here:

We have helped many others like Scott suffering with homelessness and addiction.

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