Bath Board Game Day

Join us for Bath’s biggest Board Game Day!

With over a hundred games to choose from, you’ll be able to play the latest releases from well-known makers, from the big blockbuster hits to indie gems you might have missed.  Whether it’s a 10-minute game full of bluffing and laughter or a lengthy strategy game complete with lots of decisions. Plus, if there’s a game in your cupboard you’ve been dying to play but have yet to take out the wrapper, bring it along. There will be avid game hosts on hand to help you work through the rules and instructions and plenty of people to join you in play.

Is there a better way to spend a Sunday?

Plus by attending and having fun, you’ll be helping to support over 1,900 vulnerable adults and children. People who are experiencing homelessness or escaping domestic abuse…by donating and attending, you’re helping to rebuild lives!


We also host a Bring and Buy sale on the day. If you have any games you’d like to donate, please bring them and donate them to our sale to help us raise funds. All second hand games will be available to purchase. Bring cash or card.

Join us for Bath’s biggest board game day and play games, have fun, do good.


Boardgame Day

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This event is kindly sponsored by IELLO Games.

IELLO games are brought to you by Coiledspring Games – proud distributors of their products in the UK!

Founded in 2004, IELLO has grown into a globally recognized publisher and distributor of board games. In 2009 they began publishing their very own games and thus gave way to the IELLO games empire!

IELLO are the minds behind popular titles, Diamant, Little Town and of course the King of Tokyo Line, which has sold 1 million copies worldwide! With innovative, fun and immersive titles, IELLO games will take you on adventures to Bunny Kingdoms, Greek empires and outer space.

In 2018, IELLO also launched the LOKI range of games, which are specifically designed to bring a new experience to children’s games. With something for every family’s tabletop, IELLO games will capture your imagination with every game you play.

Bath Board Game Day is supported by Bath Gaming Group.

Bath Board Game Day

Date TBA